Sep 5, 2012


It seems as if this blog and I have never seemed to quite get along......SO.......I have started a new blog to follow me on my new journey as a mommy!  Join me at HERE

Mar 17, 2012

top o' the mornin' to ya

Here I sit reflecting on the last year.  So much has changed.......this time last year, we were drinking our irish coffee while the entourage arrived at our house 1 by 1.  Head shaving, face painting, then off to our favorite St. Patty's day haunt we went and enjoyed a FULL day of good ole fashioned Irish Fun. 

1 year later, our little downtown house is no longer the meeting place for our crazy debacles, it is now a grown up investment property with a snazzy renter.  I trust our renter will be keeping up the Irish Spirit this day.   We now live in a completely different town in a completely different county, and our little Missy will be joining us any day now(not today, I have plans), who knew everything would be different?

While so much has changed, I vow that so much will stay the same.  It is very important to me that we keep small pieces of our old life that make us who we are.  St. Patty's Day is one of those days.  So while our life has changed my view on this day has not.  It has forever been the one day of the year that we look forward to going out and having a great time with so many of our friends.  It will continue to be that day for us.  It isn't to selfish to ask for 1 day, right?  

Now please excuse me while I dust off my green "St. Patty's Day" heels and gear and get ready to head out to enjoy my favorite holiday.....a little subdued this year.  Lunch with friends!

I hope everyone has a very lucky day!!!

Feb 14, 2012

My Fur Valentine

Since my valentine is working today, this guy will be filling in as my snuggle buddy!
  Happy Valentines Day to all, I hope your day is special and filled with love!

Feb 13, 2012

Moving on Up

We officially got moved!  As of January 28th we have become the newest members of Wasatch County.  We are delighted to be in our new home, now if only we could find the time to finish unpacking!  We have been diligently going through boxes 1 at a time, however getting all ready for the little one has been of utmost priority as of late.  Crib - check.....Carseat......check, that is a good start right?  Pictures soon, I promise....when I find the camera...

Jan 18, 2012

Remember I told you about this guy?

100 pounds of energy and fun and we love him!

Jan 17, 2012

New furniture....yes please

I am a firm believer that when you get a new home, you should fill it with new furniture.  This ensemble will be filling our new living room. 

Jan 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home, I think so!

Well, our home is officially done!  We haven't finalized everything yet, but we did sneak up over the weekend and enjoy a couple hours in our new place.  Looks like within a couple weeks, we will officially be Heber City residents.  Pics coming....stay tuned.